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  • Solo Acoustic Album coming this summer!

    I've been asked at most solo shows:  "Why don't you make a CD that sounds like what you play at these acoustic shows?"   My answer is usually "er... uh... heh... well I don't have time because I'm in 7 bands."   Eventually I got tired of hearing myself say that.  

    I've finished 6 songs already, and am choosing a few more.  It's just acoustic guitar and voice... raw versions of some of my favourite songs to play.  It's turned out to be a pretty emotional experience (note:  I get emotional over baby food commercials) -- so, I'm taking my time.  I think this will be a special little record that is perfect for this time in my life.   

    Generally I've been recording the song 3 or 4 times and using the best take.  I'm leaving little mistakes in, which is a new step for me.  The most important thing I want to do is get across the true feeling I have for the song.  I'm excited to make this leap and share these with you.

    Stay tuned.  :)