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  • Video woes and Solo shows

    a few weeks ago, 2 of our top videos - "Natasha" and "Clone Me" - were removed from YouTube. I understand this has happened to many other artists as well... once you get past the million views mark, the video comes under auto-scrutiny and is removed before anything is even checked for authenticity.

    we are working on getting them back up. it's pretty frustrating when i think about how much work went into these short films.

    i'll give a full report when all is resolved. not IF, but WHEN. :P :) 

    i am lucky and thankful to have such a great team.

    in the meantime... you'll be seeing a lot more solo acoustic bookings in the coming months. a new and different way to hear our original songs ... along side other favourites and surprises.

    hint: this is also where i try out NEW songs! :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥