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  • the story of Frozen Bodies

    here's a contest we entered and LOST :)
    the ideas was to pick a song you wrote, and tell how it came about. 

    the (not good enough) story of Frozen Bodies:

    A few months ago, I was watching an rerun of the Simpsons. This one featured a cameo by a rare character, Dr Nick Riviera. (side note: according to Wiki, Nick Riviera got his medial degree from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, where he spent most of his time acquiring prescription drugs to attract women in the 1970s). Dr Nick's catchphrase is "Hi Everybody!"

    Well, in this particular episode, Nick finds the entire Simpsons family locked in Apu's convenience store refrigerator. He greets them with an hearty alteration of his catch phrase "Hi Frozen Bodies!" He then slams the door on the Simpsons still inside, and happily walks off.

    A few days after, I found myself still laughing at that scene. Sitting down with my acoustic, I thought it would be fun to call this next one "Frozen Bodies." Singing about the Simpsons isn't really my thing, so I took the phrase and turned the meaning into a note about procrastination and indecision. That's it, i'll write a song to remind myself to keep writing! 

    The first lyrics came quickly: "Frozen bodies never see the sun. Frozen bodies never have any fun. Frozen bodies never get close to anyone." Now, i'm just riffin'... "Frozen bodies never crack a smile. Cuz frozen bodies aint got no style. Frozen bodies with their fingers frozen on the dial." And so on....

    I started performing this one soon after... well before it became the first song on our latest album, The End Is The Beginning, which will be released on December 8, 2012.

    Listen and see if you don't want to get up off your butt! (If nothing else, to go and turn the damn song off)